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Lot First, House Second...

Posted on Thu, May 16, 2013 @ 16:05 PM

When assisting our clients with designing and building custom homes, we always like to share our philosophy about the best way to achieve the most satisfying new home results… lot first, house second. That is to say that the best results on a new home’s design only occur when the team of client, builder, architect, and interior designer all take in to consideration the home site first.

Never try to force an existing home design on a lot. Work with what the lot gives you, and do not force a "round peg in a square hole". Ask the following questions:

  • How should the home best be oriented on the home site?
  • Is north-south orientation possible for better energy efficiency and more enjoyable sunlight/less direct glaring sunlight?
  • What is the best shape for the home in order to harmonize with the shape of the lot? Should the home be built wider, or deeper?
  • Regarding the placement of windows, what are the views out of the home that a client wants to see every day?
  • Just as importantly, what are the views out of the home that a client does not want to see?

See the photos below of a custom home currently under construction for clients. Look at what they get to view every morning! Not bad…

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20130509 090721 resized 600

20130509 091332 resized 600

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