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Breathe Easy In Your NEW Indoor airPLUS Luxury Home

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Designed and built for improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Only ENERGY STAR Certified Homes are eligible to earn the Indoor airPLUS label.

Proper Air Sealing with ECAIB Brings Savings for Homeowners.

EnergyComplete™ Air Infiltration Barrier

With the goal of identifying the joints and openings that have maximum impact when sealed, Owens Corning’s Building Science team has completed a comprehensive 12-month study recording and measuring where and how air leakage occurs in a typical home.

Indoor airPLUS: More Energy Efficiency and Quality for Your Home.

Energy Star

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Indoor airPLUS program was designed to go hand in hand with the agency’s ENERGY STAR program—a joint effort to help builders meet the growing consumer preference for homes with improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR homes favor wallet, family, environment


Having the home of your dreams doesn’t mean you can’t have efficient energy savings too. That’s the unique proposition that an ENERGY STAR home offers—the luxury of fine home living combined with the peace of mind of knowing that your home is backed by U.S. government energy efficiency standards.

R.E.A. Homes: Energy efficiency beyond the standards

REA Homes, Energy Efficient, ENERGY STAR

R.E.A. Homes: Energy efficiency beyond the standards

"Deconstructing” Town & Country Home with Habitat & Refab

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We have another new home project in the works in Town & Country, and so consistent with our mission, we are working with two charitable organizations on the “de-construction” of the existing home on the lot, rather than the traditional demolition of the existing home prior to the new build.

Chesterfield Day School 6th Graders Learn About Green Homes & Living

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A group of inquisitive 6th graders from Chesterfield Day School studying about sustainability and green living, recently visited one of our under contruction homes to learn more about green homes and construction.

NEW Video Testimonial for Town & Country High Performance Luxury Home


We are extremely excited to share our newest video testimonial with the owners of our recently completed Claymark home in Town & Country:

Chesterfield ENERGY STAR Certified Home Scores Big For New Homeowners

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Another one of our recently completed High Performance Luxury Homes has passed the requirements to officially be called an ENERGY STAR Certified New Home, coming in with an impressive score of 47 on the HERS Index. This means it will use 53% less energy than if it were built to the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (2009 IECC) requirements for traditional new homes.

Ladue AP Class Learns About Green Building at R.E.A. Homes

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Just last week, a class of Advanced Placement (AP) students from Ladue Horton-Watkins High School took a field trip to one of our under construction High Performance Luxury Homes to learn about energy efficiency and green building. There were several experts on hand to speak to the class about topics such as insulation, HVAC systems, solar power and general green building practices.

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